81,000 Woman

are Released from State Prison Each Year

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Women’s ReEntry

In 2016, about 81,000 women were released from state prisons nationwide, and women and girls accounted for at least 1.8 million releases from local jails in 2013 (the last year all jails were surveyed). While many people are released from jail within a day or so and may not need reentry support, jail releases can’t be overlooked, especially for women, who are more likely than men to be incarcerated in jails as opposed to prisons. (Moreover, jails typically provide fewer programs and services than prisons, so individuals released from jails are even less likely to have received necessary treatment or services while incarcerated than those in prison.)

The Healthy Village at Saint Francis Hospital
701 North Clayton Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19805

Keyanna White, Women’s Reentry Coordinator

Services Provided

  • Economic marginalization and poverty
  • Housing
  • Trauma and gendered pathways to incarceration
  • Family reunification

Re-Entry Court

Reducing Recidivism






HOPE for the City is an initiative of the HOPE Commission to spread hope throughout Delaware neighborhoods and communities. This initiative leverages the strengths of the HOPE Commission re-entry program to create upward mobility for justice-involved program members, family reunification and revitalization through economic development.


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