After several years of working toward healthier communities, we maintain that current to reduce incidents of crime and violence are strengthened when we are able to intervene in the lives of African American man, cycling in and out of the criminal justice system. Our work has led us to the fundamental belief that incarceration has a debilitating impact on families and the broader community. Mass incarceration and prisons as solutions tears apart families and rips at the economic and social fabric of communities.


In response, the Wilmington HOPE Commission launched a joint venture with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity in the construction of a 10,700 square-foot facility aptly named the Achievement Center located at 38 Vandever Avenue. In partnership with state and local government agencies, as well as area non-profits, the Achievement Center will serve as an essential hub for entire community. Our model approach to prisoner reentry is one of a kind in Delaware.  The Achievement Center is uniquely positioned as a multi-agency collaboration deploying a multi-disciplinary approach to providing a continuum of evidence based reentry services from a single location.

  • Adult males returning from prison to zip codes 19801, 19802 and 19805.
  • Moderate to high risk to recidivate as determined by recent administration of risk assessment (e.g. LS/CMI).
  • 6-9 months remaining on post-release conditions of probation [for those referred from TASC and Probation] in order for the participant and referring officer to benefit from a shared collaboration toward court compliance and reentry goals.
  • Any medical or mental health condition must be stabilized such that participation in reentry services offered will not in any way negatively impact the health of the participant.
  • Residents with a history of severe psychiatric disorders must be stable and compliant with prescribed medication protocol and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with the referring agency.
  • Offenders with minor open charges may be approved for participation, considering potential for interruption in participation and/or significant prison time likely to result from the open charge.
  • Offenders with sex offenses are ineligible for placement in the Achievement Center at this time.

Potential participants must be referred to the Achievement Center by Department of Corrections (DOC), I-ADAPT, Treatment Access Service Center (TASC), Reentry Court and Federal and State Probation & Parole. Our services are free. If you have any questions about the details of our reentry service model, eligibility criteria, or how to refer to us, please do not hesitate to call us at (302) 407-3397.