1. Success stories from those who have experienced it.


“Hope Commission you’ve opened so many lifetime doors with lifetime relationships you all are truly GOD sent and always had and have my back, front , left side and right side even till this present day I’ve learned so much and I’m forever grateful and I just want to say thank u thank u thank u this is my letter to u Hope Commission till next time.”



“Initially I didn’t want to be a part of the program at Wilmington Hope Commission (WHC), but the staff showed me the value of the program and now I am glad I was a part of the program.

The groups helped me learn different ways of thinking to enable better outcomes in different situations such as with finances, handling anger, and employment.

WHC helped me with interview techniques and communication.  The workforce development program helped me to be focused and ready for job interviews which enabled me to obtain employment. I am currently a Housekeeping manager at the Sheraton after recently being promoted.

There are multiple ways that the HOPE Commission helps individuals, including job leads.  I still come to the HOPE Commission to check up on individuals.”