“I learned alot from this program.  I learned how to be patient and to never quit even when you [are] at your breaking point and also how to keep a job and maintain a job and do what’s best for me and not others and I looked at other people mistakes so that I can do better for me and my love ones.  I also learned if you really want to do better you will by being in this program.”  [Khalil is employed by Lee ‘s Tree Service.]



“The [Wilmington] HOPE Commission means to me continuous help and support.  Also the knowledge and continuous push to want to be better, as well as a safe, secure outlet [for] my feelings.”  [Jason is employed by JBW Enterprise where he is a salesman.]



“The Wilmington HOPE Commission saved my life.  It gave me the positive & structured environment that I needed for my re-entry. I don’t think I would be where I am today without it.  My favorite part of the program was the Winner’s Circle group.” [Dexter is at Dollar Tree.]



“I’m grateful for the program [because] it helped me stay focused on goals and completing them. The [HOPE Commission] program taught me better communication skills, how to deal with personal issues and always strive to be better in all that I do. I would like to personally thank the entire staff at the Achievement Center and Judge Butler for allowing me to have this opportunity to make a positive impact in my community and society. [ Travis is already on the move at his job with ABM a subcontractor of Tastykake.  He has been hired by Tastykake in their Maintenance Department. ]



“My time at the [Wilmington HOPE Commission] Achievement Center was one of the best things that happened to me in life. Not only did the staff guide me into a promising future, but the program as a whole taught me that I was worthy. Worthy of life, love and most of all greatness.” (Steven  is employed at March Construction.)


“I would like to thank the Wilmington HOPE Commission for all that they have done for me. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am.  The program is really helpful and would really help you change your life and ways for the better.  It’s more than a program.  They communicate with you and help you with your problems.  If you need someone to talk to they are there to assist you.  I would recommend this program to everybody coming home to better their self from the system because it helped me and countless others.  So, again I would like to thank the Wilmington HOPE Commission for their help in rehabilitating myself.” (currently employed)



“The Achievement Center [HOPE Commission] changed my life for the better.  Without this program, I don’t know where I would be in life right now.  The Achievement Center helped me better myself in more ways than one. It wasn’t an easy ride.  I had a lot of bumps but not one time did y’all give up on me.  I appreciate everything y’all have done for me.  Keep up the good work.”



“My experience with the HOPE Commission was great.  they welcomed me with open arms. They helped me in all aspect in life: financial, education, housing and muc much more.  It seems like everybody wants to help, so it made me want to help myself even more.  I think it would help a great deal if we had more places like this.” 


Geoboris White (2018)

“This program has helped elevate the way I process all of my problems and solve them in th best possible manner. I understand that the actions we take today are the results of tomorrow.” 


“The  Achievement Center [Wilmington HOPE Commission] and all that the great staff provided was very beneficial and [made] an impact [on] my life in which words couldn’t even explain.  The main jewel that stuck with me and always will is that if you believe you shall achieve, broaden your horizons and  set feasible goals.  There is nothing that you can’t do! If you believe you shall achieve at the Achievement Center.” [Cleveland is employed by ABM-Tasty Kake.]



“The program to me is the blueprint to success.  All you have to do is follow the guidelines and you can’t be missed. It’s like coming from darkness into the light.  Its visionary if you ask me–it helps you put your vision into motion.  It’s a home away from home.  I can go on forever…” [Hasaan is employed by TastyKake]



“I learned to ask for help and not to be afraid to request help when in of a helping hand [at the HOPE Commission]. So for that I say God Bless those who took the time to help me along the way.” [Shawn is employed by Amazon.]



“Being a HOPE Commission Member graduate was a great experience for me because we learned a whole lot as far as reality in life, including information on a better career and living conditions.  I look at the Achievement Center as a strong [and] encouraging family that I never had. They push us to do better, see better and achieve better in life.  I am very grateful to be apart of the [HOPE Commission] Achievement Center.”



“First and Foremost, I would like to give a big shout and thanks to all the Re-Entry Navigators, Peer Support and Staff at the Achievement (HOPE Commission) Center for their time, support, patience, etc.   Y’all have been a great help for me and y’all played a big part of the change in my life. I felt so great and proud of being a part of y’alls program. I will carry these moments and memories with me on my new journey in life.  I appreciate everything that y’all have done for me and y’all have a special spot in my heart.” [Jamaar is employed by JJID Construction]


“I appreciate the HOPE Commission Center because they were a great help to my transition to society from incarceration. I learned how to really humble myself and how to better handle situations.  The HOPE Commission center is here to help men who were incarcerated and want to make a change in their lives.  They did it for me and many others.”



“The [Wilmington HOPE Commission] Achievement Center has helped me grow as a man [by] learning how to be responsible and accountable for my actions.  They also put me in a position to get a great job that I didn’t think was possible.  I’m truly grateful.  The help is definitely here, if you put the work in.” [Terrance is employed by Christiana Care Health Systems]


“Hope Commission you’ve opened so many lifetime doors with lifetime relationships you all are truly GOD sent and always had and have my back, front , left side and right side even till this present day I’ve learned so much and I’m forever grateful and I just want to say thank u thank u thank u this is my letter to u Hope Commission till next time.”



“Initially I didn’t want to be a part of the program at Wilmington Hope Commission (WHC), but the staff showed me the value of the program and now I am glad I was a part of the program.

The groups helped me learn different ways of thinking to enable better outcomes in different situations such as with finances, handling anger, and employment.

WHC helped me with interview techniques and communication.  The workforce development program helped me to be focused and ready for job interviews which enabled me to obtain employment. I am currently a Housekeeping manager at the Sheraton after recently being promoted.

There are multiple ways that the HOPE Commission helps individuals, including job leads.  I still come to the HOPE Commission to check up on individuals.”  [Jerry works for Sheraton Suites.]



“[The HOPE Commission program has showed me how] to do things another way, not the same. If times get hard, you can [always] come back for help if you need it.  This program gives you the tools you need to get ahead.” [James has been continuously employed at IHOP since graduation.]




  1. Success stories from those who have experienced it.