Hello everyone, my name is Emma Courtney and I am an intern here at the Wilmington HOPE Commission. I am currently a Junior at the University of Delaware where I major in Human Services with a clinical concentration. I am interested in taking the Criminal Justice path in Human Services, where I would like to become a counselor in a juvenile detention center. For my major, I am required to obtain an internship in my field of study. I started to do my research and came across the Wilmington HOPE Commission. I was interested in this organization from the moment I clicked on the website. It was very well put together and the mission was one that I felt like I could contribute to. I was welcomed by the Wilmington HOPE Commission as an intern on September 14, 2020.

 As an intern, I have been able to shadow case managers, attend CBI classes, and attend reentry court. Reentry court was a great experience, where I got to witness Judge Butler speak with the members about their journey throughout this program and motivate them to continue on the right path. There was also a graduation that took place, where one of the members completed the program in order to continue with a successful reentry. This opportunity is one that many don’t get to experience, and I am very thankful that I was able to.

 The environment and people that I am surrounded by at the Achievement center have helped me realized that individuals who are coming out of the criminal justice system deserve a second chance at life. We are all humans and humans make mistakes so that should not define a person. Being able to help these individuals on the right path has given me a sense of encouragement and I would love to continue advocating for these individuals throughout my career.

 I will be finishing my internship on November 18, 2020. I hope to continue my career with helping individuals within the criminal justice system, and those coming out, and advocating for the underserved communities.